The Male Version Of Galan’s Highly Successful Hit La Cenicienta (Cinderella), Príncipe Azul is a nightly primetime dating show that will play like a novela, featuring Latin superstar heartthrobs and real life father and son Andrés and Leonardo Garcia. Twenty lovely ladies will vie for the chance to end up with Leonardo, while his dad Andres conveniently tags along on the dates to possibly find love for himself as he is also very single. However, things get complicated when Andres’ ex-wife, Leonardo’s mother, who is an anglo woman from Texas, joins the cast of characters as she and Andres’ mother and sister all move into the same house and will help the men find true love.

How will the female contestants cope with all the twists? They all entered the show wanting to date a celebrity, so, be careful what you ask for! In addition, the paparazzi and fans, who hound our Príncipes will also be part of the show as they follow them on their dates, approving or disapproving of the girls! “I am very excited to be working with Telemundo again,” says Galán, who is also Executive Producer on the series. “After the tremendous success of “The Swan” on FOX, It’s great to bring my experience producing for mainstream English-language television to my work in Spanish-language television.”

Andrés Garcia is one of Mexico’s biggest matinee idols. He has starred in more than 120 films, best known for his action adventure series, Chanoc, a “Latino Tarzan.” A legendary womanizer, Garcia has been married 4 times and has fathered 18 children that he is aware of. A tabloid fixture in the Spanish-language press, he enjoys his public image and lives up to the mystique. He is also a survivor and spokesperson for prostate cancer.

Andrés Garcia’s son Leonardo is currently the hottest soap star in Mexico, who also enjoys a playboy image. The father and son can be found partying in the sultry Mexican beaches of Acapulco and are always accompanied by the most beautiful women.